GLP-1 Medication and Lean Body Mass


If you ask 100 people their opinion on GLP-1 medication usage, you may get 100 different answers. The purpose of this piece is not to share opinions on the use or misuse of these medications but rather to explore how to diminish one of the dastardlier side effects that have been noted: decreases in lean body mass, aka your muscle. 

Everyone receiving this newsletter article is clearly health conscious; after all, we have a health club membership. We are all here for our own specific reasons, day in and day out, working towards the goals that we have set for ourselves. One fact that rings true for all of us is that increases in our lean body mass through honest work and proper nutrition greatly improves our well-being. An overwhelming body of scientific evidence relates higher levels of muscular mass and strength (typically measured as grip strength) to increased quality of life, longevity, mood, and many different health markers. Because of this, it should be more than a little concerning that GLP-1 usage has been shown to decrease muscle mass in many cases. A 2019 review by Sargeant et al. found that over half of the GLP-1 studies reviews showed that anywhere from 20% to 50% of the weight lost came in the form of lean body mass. The good news is, there is a way to alleviate this side effect: strength training!

While GLP-1 drugs are still new in terms of usage by the public, strength training is something all of us have at least a familiarity with. Creating a strength training program that is purposeful for your goals leaves you feeling accomplished, and performing the workouts will bring many of the health benefits touched on earlier. Strength training is something we should all be doing, but it may be even more important to those taking GLP-1 drugs to alleviate any potential muscle loss. 1-2 days per week have been shown to be the minimum effective dosage across the literature, though I typically recommend three if you are training using a full body routine. Not only will this spare your hard-earned muscle mass, it will also increase the efficacy of GLP-1 usage (Hamasaki, 2018). The combination of exercise with GLP-1 usage has been shown to be the best practice approach if you do end up using them (Sandsal et al, 2023). Again, strength training is a recommended activity for close to 100% of the population, but if you are taking GLP-1 medication, then adding it to your routine will be a real game changer. 

I do not want to finish this article as a commercial, but we are able to help you on your strength training journey in many ways. First and foremost, we have a highly educated and dedicated personal training team that can remove any guesswork from your planning and guide you to the best results possible. We have a large, vibrant Group Fitness schedule with many classes that can help improve muscular strength and mass, such as RIP, Strong Bones, and Strength, Power, and Endurance. We have EGYM, our circuit machines that continually adjust to you as you progress in your strength journey (I recommend the Muscle Building workout if you use them for this reason.). We have several areas dedicated to free-weight usage and several different lines of selectorized strength machines. I know I am biased, but this is the perfect facility to improve your strength and overall wellness!


Since 2020, prescriptions for GLP-1 medications have risen over 300%. Over 9 million Americans have been prescribed them by their providers, and according to a KFF Health Tracking Poll, close to 50% of Americans say they would use these medications for weight loss if they could (Montero, 2023). The usage of these medications will continue to grow, and at least the side effects noted can be mitigated by simply adding a goal-orientated strength training program into your weekly routine. I encourage you, whether you are taking GLP-1 medications or not, to look at your habits related to lean body mass and find the areas that you could improve. With so many ties to current and future health, you cannot afford not to make strength training a priority!


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If adopting healthier eating habits feels overwhelming, try focusing on one meal at a time: Start with crafting a balanced breakfast for a week or two, and then slowly add in healthier snacks, lunches, and dinners one by one.


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It is that time of year again! Current babysitters expired on April 30th. If you need to renew or add a babysitter to your membership, please complete the babysitter form from either the Front Desk or click here to access the form.  Please return the completed form to the Front Desk.


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